Thursday, July 14, 2011

Files Tab Download Problems

All of the links on the Files tab on the website have now been re-uploaded in a much more friendly form. Before you only had the option to view the documents. Clicking on them would show you their Google Docs format. Now you can choose to download the doc or view it without being redirected to Google Docs. When you download the file in the "Files" tab it will be in the original format that I uploaded it to the website in, this means their original .pdf, .xls, or .doc

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paying for Events Online

Did the research today through Google Checkout and PayPal to find out how much it would cost to be able to pre-register for events online. These would include Reunions, Banquet, Dues, etc.
Found out that the rates for both services would be exactly the same, so I have decided to get input from Lodge Members to see if they would like to see if this would be a worthwile option.
This would mean registering a Google Account (or simply adding credit/debit card info to a pre-existing Google Account) and being able to pay online instead of having to mail money to the Scout Office or having to go in person to the office. Because of the fees charged by Google and the Lodge still needing to get the full price for an event, we will need to charge a little more to those that pay online.
For Example:
Dues- $7.50 would cost $8.05
Spring Reunion- $14.00 would cost $15.10
I realize this will cost more to those that would want to use this service and it seems like the Lodge would be making a profit, but after paying Google for each transaction, the Lodge would break even for how much it needs per event.
Please let me know how you would feel about doing this!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Online Archive

Just finished setting up Google Docs to now have sharing between all accounts so all Lodge officers can upload important lodge documents. These documents will then be stored in the online archive forever and may be downloaded or edited by any lodge officer.

It is now also possible to send direct links of these documents to anyone that needs access to them, once accessed by non-account users they become read and download only for non-account users.

If you have Q's, as always send me an email at

Yours in Brotherhood,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Things First

Just started this blog to inform Anpetu-We Lodge members of coming services through Google and also updates to the website.