Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Minor Changes, As Usual


  • Website
    • Sidebar:
      • removed link from GrungeCow Solutions Image in sidebar
      • Meet The Man:
        • changed to elwood, but his Q's and A's won't be available till February
    • Stay Informed Page:
      • Added a Twitter button with description
      • Cleaned up some white space making the page look more organized
    • Vigil Page:
      • changed google group sign-up email to admin@anpetu-we.org to reduce confusion
      • added more info about hat ordering
    • Home Page:
      • removed the Lodge Calendar at the bottom of page
        • will fill the space with the new chapter page templates
    • Chapter Pages:
      • Unable to be viewed on the lodge site until finished
      • Created 5 new accounts, one for each of the new accounts
        • started on each new chapter page by using the new accounts

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