Saturday, February 1, 2014

new stuffs


  • Full Site:
    • Homepage-
      • edited sidebar width to 230 pixels from 215
        • fits sashes better
      • edited sidebar membership to show colored line dividers and added words to sash, also removed "to view an honor..." directions
    • added tab for NOAC 2015
      • goes directly to the NOAC blog page
    • updated sioux chapter's webpage address
  • NOAC 2015
    • on blogspot, but mapped through our domain
      • intro post
      • 2nd post is letter from mark brewer
      • countdown widget
      • link to national noac page
      • uploaded and embedded noac promo video
      • customized regular site header to add "NOAC 2015" - nothing too flashy...
      • scales to mobile to show only the actual blog posts
  • added new dropittome link to have patch designs directly deposited to dropbox account
  • started new form designs to be used for surveys
    • looks great on mobile too!!!

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